The Veil of Eden

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Welcome to the Veil of Eden Website

Welcome to The Veil of Eden website and Science Fiction & Fantasy's newest worlds:Terra and Tela.

The Veil of Eden is Frank Knight's first book of The Sith series.

Look around and get to know the gear - and humanity's replacements.

Someday soon the most advanced species on Earth will evolve again - but this time, Nature will not be the only catalyst.

Meet the Sith family: they have been reclusive outcasts since their ancestors' name became synonymous with elves almost two thousand years ago. The Sith have always had unusual maladies, but then again, progenitors of new species (or special progenitors) usually do have unstable genes.

And now that the last Homo sapiens sapiens of the Sith has died, his children have a new plan for humanity.

Becoming an outdated model is not a comforting thought for any of us, but don't feel cheated: being a Sith is not always fun either.

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